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Meet Our Staff

Jessica and Seng Jessica and Seng at the Festival of Colors, Spring 2013

Jessica Spohn – Coordinator

Welcome to the Sexual and Gender Diversity Resource Center! :) My name is Jessica Spohn and I am the Coordinator for the SGDRC. I am a Masters student in Public Health with a minor in Women’s Studies, graduating Fall 2014. My passion lies in being an advocate for the entire GLBT*QA community as well as for victims and survivors of sexual and relationship violence. After I graduate, I want to work on a college campus with alcohol, drug, and violence education for the GLBTQA community. The Center is a safe zone for everyone! What that means is the SGDRC does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, bullying, or hate speech. We also welcome all students, faculty, and staff whether you are GLBTQA or one of our awesome allies. The SGDRC has resources such as brochures, books, movies, and magazines on a variety of topics for anyone to look over. We also have a computer lab to do homework or take a Facebook break, and a place to eat lunch or just hang out with new friends. Come by and visit; I really enjoy getting to know students and I’m here to answer any questions you may have!

Seng Defibaugh-Chavez – Assistant Coordinator

Welcome to the SGDRC! My name is Sengdhuan Defibaugh-Chavez. I am a volunteer and have been volunteering with the SGDRC since the fall of 2013. I am a Master’s student in Public Health and plan on getting my PhD in statistics, biostatistics, or epidemiology. Being an ally at the SGDRC, it truly is a safe zone where anyone is welcome. I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and have learned a lot about the GLBTQ community. There are many resources here to learn more about the GLBTQ community, a helpful staff and community to help answer questions about being a student at NMSU, including computers that anyone can use to work on homework or just browse funny videos on YouTube. It is really amazing to see people here who help one another whether it is class work or needing support in life. It is a community where everyone is welcome and everyone tries to help one another and make sure everyone feels like they belong.

Chynna Moore – Office Assistant

969620_10200466170201569_1682978012_n Welcome to the Sexual and Gender Diversity Resource Center! My name Is Chynna Moore and I am an office aide at the SGDRC. I am currently a senior majoring in Psychology, after I graduate my future goals are to become a clinical psychologist. I think that the main purpose of the SGDRC is to create a safe and friendly environment for GLBTQ community to come to feel safe, hang out, or just ask questions about resources around campus. At the center we have a lot of different resources that any student can come use such as books, pamphlets, computers, etc. So come by just to hang out, get some information, or just to say hi.



Kimberly Mejia – Office Assistant

jhhjgHello all and welcome to the Sexual and Gender Diversity Resource Center page! My name is Kimberly Mejia and I am an Office Assistant here at the SGDRC and have been working here since fall 2014. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Counseling & Community Psychology here at NMSU.

When I started working at the SGDRC, all of the friendly people that not only work here, but also the ones that come in to hang out or do homework amazed me. This is such a great place to meet new people and learn about the GLBTQ community, with plenty of helpful resources available. The SGDRC really is a safe-zone not only for the GLBTQ community, but also for allies like myself.



Tyler Boyd – Volunteer


I was born in Rome, Georgia, and moved here to the Land of Enchantment in order to enjoy the constant sunny weather. I am a sophomore in the College of Business, and I am completing my degree in Finance, with a minor in accounting here at New Mexico State University. Before coming to volunteer at the center I worked customer service for the largest bank on the east coast, worked at the office of State Senator Tom Udall, and I am currently employed at the Southwest Environmental Center located in the downtown heart of Las Cruces. I look forward to assisting at the center, and helping my fellow students. Thanks for reading.